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Unlike many real estate agents who believe their job is finished after everyone has “signed on the dotted line”, I believe that my work is never complete. Searching, finding, negotiating, and closing on a property is just the first step…there are many more important and stressful decisions and situations that now fall into the new owner’s hands. To further assist my clients, I have developed a “Home Concierge” program that makes the transition to a new home as seamless and stress-free as possible.

We work directly with local venders to provide you the service you will need in the early stages of your transition as well as any for any future projects or issues that may occur.

Unless you have just moved into your custom-built dream home, there will eventually be repairs and upgrades you will want to be made as a new property owner. Since it can be difficult to know where to begin, and a new property owner has better ways to spend their time than on researching for the best vendor or learning enough to do the job themselves. Our dedicated team is ready to provide the experience needed as well as the connections with local vendors to solve all your troubles and provide you with the required solutions.

We take pride knowing we can help property owners solve nearly every question, but our most common requests are:

· Indoor and Outdoor Painting

· Plumbing repair or upgrades

· Electrical maintenance and upgrades

· Kitchen/Bathroom Counter replacement

· Kitchen Upgrades

· Bathroom Upgrades

· Hardwood/Carpet Flooring

· AC Installation

· Pool Installations

· Driveway Repair/Upgrade

· Deck and Patio Building

I truly care about each and every one of my clients and our concierge program is just one of the ways that I can continue to care for them long after they’ve moved into their new home.