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During my childhood, I always had dreams of playing football in the NFL. I never thought that I’d actually end up there.  I loved playing football and other sports, but I knew I’d need to find something that I was as passionate about. 

One day after my last high school class for the day, I got a call from my cousin. He said that he found a seminar that I needed to go to with him. It was a “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” seminar. At the time, I had no idea what that was. It turned out that there was actually a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad as well. I read it from cover to cover before our seminar. 

Listening to story after story during the seminar piqued my interest. I already knew that business was what I liked to study, but I didn’t know what field in business I liked. Now I know.

Fast forward 6 years later.  I’m a college graduate working for a manufacturing company in Oshkosh. I was in a management position, but I knew I needed more. Work where I was helping people. I was renting an apartment and subletting one of the rooms to one of my friends. I liked the idea of business mixed with real estate, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. I decided apartment life was no longer for me. I needed a place I owned for myself. A place that I could buy and rent out for extra income.

 I decided that buying a duplex with an FHA loan would give me all the support I needed. 

My realtor did such an over-the-top job that I actually got him a gift at closing. I was so inspired by his tenacity, integrity, and out-of-the-box thinking. This sparked me to think that I would love to help people out in the same way. I can combine my love for business, real estate, and serving people. A few months later  I got my real estate license and never looked back.

I love being a part of such a pivotal stage in every family’s life. I love seeing families’ faces when they complete that next step in their real estate journey. Supporting my family is the biggest reason that I do this work. Let me go to work for you. The process should be easy, fun, and catered to your needs. If obstacles present themselves as they did for me, you want somebody you can trust and rely on. 

You’re busy with life, kids, work, and more. I want to make sure that selling your home doesn’t leave you stressed out and unhappy. I want you to have the best quality of life. I want you to have your cake and eat it too. That’s why the Mills Sales System minimizes the work that you need to complete to get your home sold.

I have earned a BBA and an MBA. Both these business degrees help me market and sell your home for the best price. I am a Certified Negotiation Expert. I am a Designated Seller Representative Specialist. I am also the real estate broker/owner of the Mills Realty Group.

I have business management experience outside of real estate. I have managed large teams of people with direct reports. I have managed budgets and yearly goals. I am a real estate investor as well.  I buy and sell real estate in the Oshkosh area. I am confident that my experience with investing can benefit you.